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Advanced Website Maintenance Work

Design Updates and Maintenance

Maintenance packages do not often cover design work which is billed on a per hour basis. The website maintenance agency you choose as a client will determine how available this service will be to you. Some agencies are compelled to outsource the design aspect of the work to third-party partners as they lack in-house web designer capacity. However Lounge Lizard which is a fully fledged web design company does have the following design maintenance service offerings (updates):

  • New customized webpage design
  • Website navigation redesign
  • Audio editing and compression
  • Video editing/manipulation and compression
  • Advanced image editing/manipulation


Industry practices dictate that agencies will usually handle fresh website components on a per-project basis which will require a quote tailored specifically to that job. Nextevo-IT gives transparent rates for all the services we offer.

  • New Website
  • New Functional Components
  • Site-Wide Redesign
  • Interactive or Animated Components
  • Original Photo, Video and/or marketing material creation
  • Content SEO and PPC

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