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NextEvo-IT’s UX and UI design team is made up of thorough bred professionals. We possess the ability to translate your needs from the plane of imagination to reality. We are by your side all the way to guide you during your brand evolutionary journey.

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Our Process For UX/UI Design

User Research & Planning for best UI

In Nextevo-IT we adopt a bottom-top upward approach.In order to craft the best possible user experience uniquely suited to you, we first strive to grasp your peculiarity as an entity, your clientele as well as your objectives. Parameters such as recordings, surveys, heat maps, analytics and biometrics make for accurate profiling of your customers and targeting of areas that can be better structured.

Wireframe & Prototypes

Nextevo-IT employs a collaborative approach involving mathematical logic for website designs.Nextevo-IT‘s customer inclusive policy which enables us carry you along helps us lay the building blocks for the first full size functional models and wireframes.These initialUX designs andsteady stream of input makes it possible for a frame work to be put in place for further testsand a final solution.

Eye candy design with hi-fidelity

In Nextevo-IT we pride ourselves on designs that are visually pleasing and intellectually stimulating. However our products are simple, not demanding but of extremely high quality.


Customer satisfaction is a major corner stone of our business.
We undertake to prepare further sets of product plans if the first do not meet your requirements. Generally most of our clients are usually satisfied with the first presentation. However, Nextevo-IT guarantees your protection via an iron clad offer to refund your design deposit if you are not 100% satisfied.

Final Payment Launch

The process of constructing your website according to your laid down specifications, commences the moment you sign off on the final blue prints as the client. This usually covers a period of 10 business days.Furthermore, once you approve the website and make up the outstanding payment, the site will be transferred from staging to its final location which is the production web servers.

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